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Transformative FPGA Acceleration for Enterprise

Harnessing the power of VMAccel’s innovative acceleration solutions and BittWare’s advanced FPGA technology, our strategic partnership aims to revolutionize cloud and edge acceleration. We offer a free trial on BittWare cards, , and custom edge deployments, creating unprecedented computational performance and efficiency for enterprises.

What to expect?

Leveraging BittWare’s high-performance IA-840F and IA-420F FPGA cards, hosted in our cloud, we serve a broad spectrum of industries. The IA-840F excels in data center and networking tasks, ideal for sectors like telecommunications and finance, while the IA-420F, optimized for high-throughput applications, serves industries such as AI and big data. Together, they deliver superior performance and energy efficiency.

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Transform video data into actionable intelligence

Get a demo for Aupera's software framework for Video AI inferencing applications on AMD/Xilinx's VCK5000 Versal™ development card.

Free Demo of Aupera® Video Machine Learning Streamer Server Solution 2.0 V3.0.0 on AMD/Xilinx® VCK5000 Versal Development Card hosted on VMAccel® FPGA Cloud.

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