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Customizable Deployment Models

We'll work with you to identify the right deployment model that best fit for your project needs. From cloud to edge and even hybrid models, unlike larger competitors, we are flexible and can create whatever deployment works best.

Dive Into a NewEra of Accelerated Workloads

The only Cloud/Edge acceleration platform built with adaptability in mind. Accelerate your AI/ML, research, genomics, data analytics, or video/image workloads 10-100x in the Cloud or at the Edge with VMAccel’s custom solutions.

At VMAccel, we are committed to providing Customizable Deployment Models that cater to your unique project requirements. Our approach is to work closely with you to pinpoint the most effective deployment model, whether it's cloud-based, edge-centric, or even a hybrid solution. Our flexibility sets us apart from larger competitors, as we possess the agility to develop a deployment strategy that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Embark on a journey into a new era of accelerated workloads with VMAccel, a platform that stands out as the only Cloud/Edge acceleration solution designed with adaptability at its core. Our platform is engineered to supercharge a wide range of tasks - from AI/ML, research, and genomics, to data analytics and video/image processing. With VMAccel's custom solutions, experience an unprecedented acceleration of your workloads by 10-100x, both in the Cloud and at the Edge, ushering in a new age of efficiency and performance.

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CPAX's FPGA acceleration offers unparalleled speed, customization, cost savings, & access to the latest technology, all backed by expert guidance. By choosing CPAX, you're choosing a future where accelerated computing is not just powerful but also efficient and adaptable to your specific needs.

Dynamic Acceleration Solutions

Choose from a range of solutions from Cloud to Micro Data Centers, best fit for optimizing resources.

CPAX's FPGA acceleration stands at the forefront of technological advancement, offering an unmatched combination of speed, customization, cost efficiency, and access to the latest innovations. This is further bolstered by expert guidance, ensuring that you're not just leveraging cutting-edge technology, but doing so in the most effective way possible. By opting for CPAX, you're not just selecting a powerful computing solution; you're embracing a future where accelerated computing is not only potent but also finely tuned to meet your unique requirements, ensuring efficiency and adaptability.

Explore CPAX's Dynamic Acceleration Solutions, a diverse array of options ranging from Cloud-based to Micro Data Center deployments. These solutions are designed with the primary goal of optimizing resources, providing you with the flexibility to choose the setup that best aligns with your needs. Whether your focus is on maximizing power, minimizing costs, or a balance of both, CPAX's tailored solutions offer the perfect fit for your resource optimization journey.

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Fully customizable, efficient workload acceleration solutions for a sustainable future.
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