Transformative FPGA Acceleration for Enterprise

Harnessing the power of VMAccel’s innovative acceleration solutions and BittWare’s advanced FPGA technology, our strategic partnership aims to revolutionize cloud and edge acceleration. We offer a free trial on BittWare cards, , and custom edge deployments, creating unprecedented computational performance and efficiency for enterprises.
Transformative FPGA Acceleration for Enterprise

What to expect?

Leveraging BittWare’s high-performance IA-840F and IA-420F FPGA cards, hosted in our cloud, we serve a broad spectrum of industries. The IA-840F excels in data center and networking tasks, ideal for sectors like telecommunications and finance, while the IA-420F, optimized for high-throughput applications, serves industries such as AI and big data. Together, they deliver superior performance and energy efficiency.

Transformative FPGA Acceleration for Enterprise


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The perks of synergy with us.

Learn more about the BittWare IA-840F.

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Learn more about the BittWare IA-420F.

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Our specialties and core competencies.

BittWare in the Cloud

Sign up for a free trial and gain access to *latest BittWare cards* for a limited number of hours. Witness firsthand the transformative potential our partnership can bring to your business.

Completely Customizable

Enjoy the flexibility of a cloud acceleration solution, optimized for your unique workloads and business objectives.

Custom Billing

Pay for only the resources that you use. Our FPGA resources don’t come in a “package” form and can be customized to best suit your budget. Pay less for longer commitments.


Quickly and easily scale hardware needed by your applications.


Use the same resources from anywhere in the world without compromising on performance and speed.

Latest Hardware

Get access immediately to the latest Bittware Accelerator cards without investing heavily in on-prem hardware.

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Partner Solutions

VMAccel, in collaboration with BittWare, offers comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions designed to streamline and enhance your AI development projects. Through strategic partnerships with select vendors, we are poised to deliver a seamless, one-click solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of your AI initiatives. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our partner solutions.

Performance Optimization
  • Offer your customers access to your application with pre-configured and pre-validated 1-click instances on VMAccel’s public cloud – or leverage our white-label solutions.
  • Offer live demos of your solutions for clients in the cloud.
  • Plug-and-play portability between on-prem and cloud.
  • No code changes required to move between on-prem deployments and VMAccel’s cloud.
Cost Effective Scaling
  • Allow your clients to purchase and deploy your application without  significant additional hardware investments
  • Lower TCO for you and your clients
  • Various billing models available to ensure simplicity
Ease of Use

Utilizing our Partner IP solutions in tandem with BittWare's FPGA cards in the VMAccel cloud significantly simplifies the process of achieving formidable computational capabilities. This combination provides an easy-to-use platform, ensuring rapid and efficient solution development for complex computational tasks.

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Edge Solutions

Working together, VMAccel and BittWare provide an unparalleled level of integration and efficiency. Experience seamless performance and optimized outcomes near you.

Low Latency

VMAccel’s Edge deployments can achieve sub-microsecond latency, allowing for a new era of low-latency workloads.

High Throughput

By deploying resources at the Edge, organizations can take advantage of high throughput (Petabyte/s throughput), which is critical for workloads such as video streaming and genomics.

Data Sovereignty

Edge deployment can help organizations to maintain data sovereignty, as it allows data to be stored and processed closer to the source, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring that sensitive information is kept within the organization’s control.

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Closing Remarks

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Need a fully customized FPGA cloud solution?

Are you interested in a custom solution for your workload acceleration? Fill out the form below and we will get in touch right away!


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Connection and synergy.
Exploring the Future of Video AI: Insights from VMAccel's Interview with Aupera Technologies' CEO, Roy Liao
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What they're saying about us.
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zPrize Technology Partners


this is the second year we've run zPrize, and this year, we're proud to partner with VMAccel to help on the hosting of the FPGAs

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An Unparalleled Experience


"Thanks to VMAccel's FPGA Cloud service, we provide global users an unparalleled experience of running Video AI Pipelines within seconds... Their phenomenal support and technical expertise ensure consistent uptime and prompt responses to our requests...(VMAccel's) unwavering commitment to meeting our specific needs demonstrates their dedication to helping us achieve our goals. We value their partnership and expertise."

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Responsive and Accommodating


"VMAccel has provided us with flexible access toFPGA boards we could not easily obtain from other cloud providers.Darrick and the team at VMAccel are very responsive and accommodating, even though we are not a large customer."

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A Must-Have


"Our partnership with AI-powered next-gen analytics has transformed our supply chain management. The real-time insights into inventory levels, demand forecasts, and supplier performance have streamlined our operations and reduced costs. It's a must-have tool for any modern technology business."

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Explore our Frequently Asked Questions
VMAccel: Scalability

Our platform is designed to support scalability. The only limit is your application requirement. For custom solutions, some prior engagement is required to arrange the hardware. For more information, please reach out to our team.

VMAccel: GPU or FPGA

The choice of GPU or FPGA accelerators depends on your application. We offer both type of cards in various deployment models.

VMAccel: Customization

VMAccel can set up an on-prem datacenter to be used privately by your organization. The package is fully customizable and scalable as required.

VMAccel: Getting Started

To get a demo, simply contact us and our team will get back to you to get your requirements.

VMAccel: Sustainability

We use immersion cooling for all our deployments. Immersion cooling eliminates the costs associated with HVAC systems and also the harmful effects of them.


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